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Professional Window Cleaners in Auckland

Stunning and streak-free window cleaning services. Professional window cleaning service for commercial and residential properties. We provide window cleaning and blading service for properties up to four levels high.
Need a window cleaner who leaves your windows streak free and looking incredible?
With 16 years of experience in the house cleaning industry, we have tried and tested the best window cleaning solutions and window cleaning supplies and provide a top-quality finish for all window cleaning jobs. We service commercial and residential properties, and we can service buildings up to 5 levels high. The amazing part of our product is that it repels dust and water, which keeps your window cleaner for longer.

Window Cleaning Service Auckland

Finding the right window cleaning service in Auckland can help you save time and money on window cleaning mistakes. However, picking the right service can be challenging for a number of reasons. At A1 Services, we help you stay away from such challenges.

With years of experience offering top-of-the-line window cleaning services in Auckland, A1 Services has earned a name for its quality!

If you are looking for a reliable window cleaning company in Auckland, look no further! Contact us today, and we’d be happy to help.

The services we offer are:

  • Window cleaning
  • Removal of hard water stains and calcium buildup.
  • Window washing
  • Polishing glass

Service details

Window Cleaning

We do windows inside and out or whatever your requirements may be.

A1 Services will clean your windows within the time frame you need it done. This is a 24 operating company which allows us to provide the service that most suits you and your schedules. The product we use leaves your window shiner and cleaner for longer. We can also remove lime buildup from windows.

Window Washing

Our service includes washing of windows, skylights, clear fibreglass roofs, clear Purlin decks, Perspex walls and sign boards.

After an initial chemical wash, the surface looks clean and shiny and most importantly chemical will keep moss and algae away for 12 months, guaranteed. The chemicals we use are biodegradable.

Restoration of Old Window Glasses

Removal of hard Water Stains And Calcium Deposits. This service is for customers who need to restore the clarity of their window or shower glass. We have a set procedure to eliminate mineral deposits on the glass, which can be time-consuming.

We can do a complete shower restoration which includes the following:
Removal of calcium buildup from cubicles, tiles, fittings and glass Application of polymer coatings/water repellent. You will not need to clean your shower again. It will be self-cleaning. We can remove lime and calcium buildup on old windows and apply a water repellent to avoid future damage, and your windows will stay clean for years.

An expert window cleaning for your home or office

A great finish – and window cleaning tips and hints to help you keep them clean for longer. We use a top-quality window cleaning solution and can clean everything from house windows to building windows.

Using the best equipment for your window washing service

A thorough and reliable wash using the best window cleaning tools. We wash your commercial and house windows from both sides and clean the frames and the whole area.

Window blading

Have a streak of paint, tar or other spill on your window or something that won’t come out with water blasting? We can remedy the situation with a full removal and cleaning, and blading of a small layer of your window.

Window Cleaning Prices Auckland

Our Cleaning Professionals provide high-end window cleaning services all around Auckland. Our experts have extensive experience in the given areas:

  • Hard-to-reach or inaccessible windows: Our professionals make use of specialised equipment and safety measures to provide the best services.
  • Stains and grimes: We offer customised cleaning packages based on requested services for excessive dirt, hard water stains, paint removal or calcium buildup removal.
  • Window washing and glass polishing: A1 Services’ Professionals are equipped with the knowledge to use precision tools to give the maximum results for glass polishing and window washing.

Our window Cleaning prices can vary depending on several factors, including size and number of windows, the type of windows(standard, french, bay windows), the difficulty of access, the level of dirt and grime, and the elevation of the windows. We provide booking windows for the client, which enables them to request cleaning services without any hassle. Clients can avail of cash payment modes or pay through a card. For any further queries, you can call us at 0800-779-988.

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Window Cleaning Auckland

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not pay for a quote; we provide a free quote to help our customers choose. Our quotes are completely free of charge. Plus, we do not have any hidden fees or obligations. Kindly feel free to contact us for a free quote. 

Our extensive equipment cleaning services guarantee your equipment will be as clean and functional as possible. We offer thorough cleaning, complete sanitisation, maintenance checks, greasing, and lubrication of all commercial equipment. We also check performance and compliance to maintain the highest quality safety standards during cleaning.

It is crucial to pay close attention to any commercial cleaning contract. You need to check the scope of services for details about cleaning methods and the areas to be cleaned. You should also ensure that there are no hidden fees and that the pricing and payment terms are clear and completely transparent. Plus, check for insurance and liability to ensure you are protected in case of damages and accidents. Other important factors can be environmental practices, flexibility, and customisation. 

We use only the highest quality cleaning supplies and equipment. Our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and non-toxic. When it comes to dry cleaning, we use microfiber cleaning cloths to ensure effective cleaning without causing any damage. Our high-powered vacuums provide deep cleaning and effective dust and dirt removal. In addition to all these, we have high-performance cleaning machines and commercial mops and buckets. 

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