Proper sanitization needs to be mandatory in the wake of Covid-19 which has taken a toll of innocent lives globally. A lot of important measures have been advised by the ministries so that no one succumbs to the virus. The guidelines are specific and one has to disinfect the surroundings and keep themselves safe. In order to do so, you would want to have some services that cater to the needs. We are one such service provider, a professional cleaning and sanitizing company to combat Covid-19 infected areas.

We use specially formulated chemicals designed to kill and protect surfaces. Abiding to the sanitization processes, immediate protocols of Covid-19 and also keeping in mind the budgetary issues, our service covers all the required grounds to provide you with the best. Our chemicals are approved by FDA and CDC and recommended by WHO. To add to it all, our reviews regarding the support that we extend from our end, in Auckland, is exceptionally good as people do not feel neglected or unhappy. The method of application is wiping the infected surfaces and fogging large areas such as supermarkets.

The residue in the surfaces are active for 30-60 days which protects the applied surfaces against covid for minimum of 30 days. Also, our solidarity with customer have always been our top priority, as the ease of work from our side makes it even more amazing. We shall hold this position of trust and keep our work to its finest.