What is the difference between commercial and residential cleaning services?

If you are considering hiring cleaning services, you need to understand the difference between commercial and residential cleaning. Both of these professional cleaning services are distinct and tailored to specific building and cleaning requirements.

From utilizing different equipment and cleaning methods, there are significant differences in the approach of these services. However, the goal is the same- to ensure a clean and healthy environment. So, let’s learn more about these two types of cleaning services and their differences so that you can choose the best service as per your requirements.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is usually required by business owners, companies, or organisations. They use the aid of professional cleaners to clean commercial or industrial buildings. The business personnel hire them on a contractual basis to clean various premises.

Commercial cleaning companies employ a team of specialists who use specialized tools and technologies to maintain optimal hygienic conditions. When hiring professional cleaners, it’s important to explore the range of commercial cleaning services in Auckland, allowing you to choose a company that aligns with your preferences and budget.

Where is commercial cleaning Required:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Movie theatres
  • Factories
  • Shops
  • Storage units
  • Daycares
  • Entertainment centres
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Schools
  • Any location used for a commercial purpose

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning services are used by homeowners or landlords who hire professional cleaners for their place of residence or houses they rent. A residential cleaner will clean everything in your home except for your personal belongings. The goal is to make sure your home is spotless and in a hygienic condition.

Where is residential cleaning Required:

  • Houses
  • Apartment buildings
  • Condos
  • Townhouses
  • Duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes
  • Co-operative housing
  • Any other living space for domestic dwellings

Difference Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services:

Cleaning your residence or commercial space is essential to keeping your space clean and healthy. Here are the major differences between both services that can help you understand which service you need:

Area of Coverage

One of the foremost differentiating factors between commercial and residential cleaning services is the area of space covered for each service. A commercial space is usually significantly larger than a residential space, which makes the latter form of cleaning much more accessible and able to be completed faster.

Cleaning Standards

The health and safety standards for every state and municipality may vary. Commercial cleaning companies are required to abide by these rules and regulations in order to maintain safe and hygienic cleaning practices. On the other hand, residential cleaning is set by homeowners, due to which the standard of cleanliness may differ from one homeowner to another.

Bonded or Insured Status

Commercial cleaners are usually bonded and insured. This means that if there is any damage done to your property during the job or there is theft while the cleaning job is being carried out, the damage is covered for the customer in some capacity.

However, this is not always the case for residential cleaners. For an individual or residential cleaning company, insurance is not required. Therefore, the cost to repair property damage will be paid by the individual cleaner or, in most cases, out of the owner’s pocket.

Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

A key difference between commercial and residential cleaning is that commercial cleaning is conducted on a larger scale as compared to residential cleaning. As a result, the cleaning tools and equipment used are different.

A professional commercial cleaner may use floor polishers, industrial vacuum cleaners, and various other power equipment for cleaning that are suitable for hotels, hospitals, malls, and other commercial spaces to yield better results. These cleaners can also use electrostatic spray disinfectant tools to ensure 360-degree cleaning coverage.

When it comes to residential cleaning, a cleaner will use brooms, sponges, brushes, and microfiber cloths, along with different equipment that can help your residence shine. Harsh chemicals are usually not used for residential cleaning, whereas they can be used for commercial cleaning. Although green cleaning technologies have significantly reduced environmental impact and prevented any negative effects on people who visit these buildings.

Process of Cleaning

The cleaning process is a significant factor that distinguishes commercial from residential cleaning. Whereas residential cleaning is pretty simple, the process of commercial cleaning is more intricate and is usually divided into multiple tasks. The time required for commercial cleaning is also longer when compared to residential cleaning because the scope of work required and the area to be covered are different.

Duties of Cleaners

The tasks of commercial and residential cleaners vary widely. A commercial cleaner is required to dust and wipe all surfaces of tables, chairs, desks, and all furniture in a commercial space. They have to disinfect the floors and mop them, clean automatic glass doors, polish mirrors, vacuum floors, carpets, and mats, empty waste bins, and replace all liners, along with cleaning sensitive electronic equipment.

A residential cleaner is responsible for emptying the trash, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning and vacuuming floors and carpets, dusting rooms and windows, cleaning the sink, bathtubs, and showers, wiping countertops, and outside the kitchen cabinets, among others.


To sum it up, despite the differences in cleaning agents, processes, and duties of the cleaners, the main agenda of the cleaning services is to make sure the house or office is properly clean and hygienic. Commercial cleaning is held to a higher standard since they excel at maintaining cleanliness and sanitation across different areas, whereas resident cleaners focus on cleaning domestic areas. So, if you are working in an area where cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene are of utmost priority, you should opt for commercial cleaning services. Or, if you are planning to have your home cleaned or are welcoming a new tenant to your property, residential cleaning services are more suitable for your purpose.