4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Auckland


For most homeowners, carpet is more than just a thick woven floor covering; it is also the spot for most social gatherings. From playing with favourite pets to watching babies crawl, the carpet is a witness to these intimate moments. And as years go by, you want to continue these little moments.

That is why you need a clean carpet. After all, how can you carry on with your family activities if your carpet smells musty and feels mouldy? It causes allergies and health risks you do not want for yourself or your loved ones. Indeed, no one enjoys frequent sneezing from unseen dust particles.

To avoid this, you try DIY carpet cleaning. Yet, you still encounter the same mildew and dusty feeling with your carpet after a few days or weeks. For that reason, you should hire professional carpet cleaners in Auckland.


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Who Are They?

Carpet cleaners in Auckland, such as A1 Services NZ Ltd., provide expert control over carpet cleaning. Unlike DIY temporary cleaning solutions, professionals value efficiency and aim to achieve a clean carpet in the safest and most practical ways.  

Still in doubt? Consider the following benefits of hiring professional Auckland carpet cleaners. 


4 Reasons to Hire a Carpet Cleaner

As carpet cleaning becomes a routine activity for professional carpet cleaners, they gain a significant advantage over any DIY cleaning. And once cleaning becomes a habit, you can be confident that expert carpet cleaners complete their task quickly and expertly. 

Aside from that, they can provide you with the following advantages: 


Reason #1: Advanced Tools & Equipment 

Unlike your rented carpet cleaning machine, professional cleaning machines and solutions are well-maintained. You can be sure that all dirt is thoroughly extracted using the machines’ strong suction.   

Also, because professionals use the right products, you don’t have to guess which detergent solution removes the chocolate drink you spilled last week. Whether using chemical solutions or tools to scrub the dirt, rejuvenating the carpet floor is made easier with expertise and the right tools. 


Reason #2: Knowledgeable 

Carpets serve the same function on the floor but are made of different materials. Some homeowners prefer nylon for its durability, while others may love a fade-resistant polyester fabric. In other words, different carpet fabrics are available on the market, and each requires a unique cleaning technique.  

And if you use random chemical solutions on your fabric, you risk damaging the carpet fibres. It would be best if you relied on a carpet cleaning service in Auckland with extensive knowledge and experience. 


Reason #3: No Damages 

Hot water is required for carpet cleaning, as it helps break down the bond between your carpet fibre and dirt. For better results, the right hot water temperature and quality detergent should be combined. Companies such as A1 Services NZ Ltd. use hot water or steam cleaning equipment.  

However, you may still consider heating your water to save money. Of course, you can. But take note that inadequate temperature and vacuum systems may not remove and rinse the water thoroughly. As a result, there is a greater chance that your DIY strategies will leave some wet surfaces, allowing moulds to grow on the carpet.  

Instead of cutting costs, you are throwing away your effort and paying again for another service. So, think first before you act.


Reason #4: Increased Carpet Life 

As stated in the first three reasons, with the proper cleaning expertise and equipment, you can ensure that no wet surfaces remain on your carpet. This extends the life and quality of the rug.  

But this cannot be achieved with DIY cleaning. Cleaning is exhausting whether you like it or not. And the majority of us only get rid of the dirt we see. So, we only clean the visible dirt and leave the deep hidden dirt, defeating your cleaning purpose.


Continue Creating Memories with a Quality Carpet! 

Look for A1 Services NZ Ltd when you need dependable carpet cleaners in Auckland. Trust a company that provides the best carpet cleaning services! Call us on +64 800 779 988 or email info@a1servicesltd.co.nz.