Our service includes preparation and painting of all types of surfaces we use all different basis of paint such as water base, oil base, solvent base, epoxy, bitumen. We only use the most suitable paint after assessing the surface to be painted and the environment.

Guarantee means quality workmanship. You can’t go wrong with a 10-year guarantee but have a peace of mind. We will assess your property and advice you on the specific paint for specific surfaces to be painted such as high moisture content areas or sun strike areas. We do all aspects of commercial and domestic painting, whether its interior, exterior or roof.

Our consultant can visit you to provide free advice and quotation. Why do we paint our house?
There are two main reasons amongst the others

  • To protect the structure against harsh weather conditions.
  • To beautify and make the house attractive.

Maintaining properties for property owners is becoming difficult and more often their properties get neglected. Maintaining properties could be very costly and even more costly when neglected. All services can minimize your maintenance cost and even maximize the life of your property. We provide workmanship guarantee and the product manufacturer’s guarantee. The secret to effective maintenance of your home or commercial property is simply leaving it in the hands of a company who can provide top quality services as well as guarantee full satisfaction.

We don’t create a big mess like drips and overspray’s. We clean our own mess leaving you a clean place. You will not need to have a cleaning company to come in afterwards.